Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Hobbit : an unexpected journey

OH AM GEE! so like every other Lord of the Rings movie, the hobbit is totally epic. EPIC!!!
The story is annoying, funny, not very heartwarming (unless you're into cheesey AWWW-moments) that become hilarious, scary, and you'll definitely end up at the edge of your seat, with a bursting bladder. 3 hour movie people, try not to drink anything, or try to pee after epic scenes where the momentum of the movie takes a chill pill for a minute then flings you back into the world's end.

Bilbo Baggins, starts off like a typical home-dweller. SPOILT like a Singaporean,  me. has everything. kind of a really nice life, in a cute little house, in the middle of nature, more nature, and more grass. SO PRETTY.

Gandalf then tricks him into holding a party, which irritated him, which had me so irritated because the dwarves were so yucky and dirty and messy! i felt his annoyance! super kek, but then it became funny with the songs and laughter, and honestly, everything is so detailed it really sends you into a magical world. That's what's so amazing about LOTR, the fact that it looks so real, you almost want to wish it were. =)

I prefer Baggins to Frodo, cuter, more boyish, and Frodo just looks abit creepy.  and he does the oddest things. sheesh.

TEAM HOBBIT: company of 14
(i think they were called something else but I can't remember)

The other interesting character was Radagast, who is so quirky and crazed it's so funny, yet endearing because he cares so much for the animals. he's psycho, but his porcupine is so cute!

ish so fluffehs!

Then there's Galadriel, who always moves in slow-motion and talks with an echo. Everything seems to slow down. So chill, as though everything pauses for a moment. and she's so shiny! she looks like an skII commercial, except fairy-esque! She's kind, which matches the vegan diet the elves had. I still think it's amazing how Tolkien created his own elven languages. (O_o)

Gollum of course, can't be forgotten. But the scenes really show his vulnerability, bestiality, his loneliness and his desperation in sadness. Banished and alone, not even sound in his ind, and bullied by his alter-ego, he is both scary, yet pityful. 

To have the one thing you thought was precious, taken away. 

Then there are the funny scenes, epic battles and almost-getting-killed-then-saved-by-Gandalf. I loved how theres angelic music 'aaahhh~~~~*' when they show the Elve's kingdom HAHA! SO FUNNY. It's just so beautiful, and perfect, and kind of fits so aptly. Its an emotional rollercoaster ride, that had me held to every scene, some beautiful, some scary, some heartwarming, and some gritty.

And then the gay bromance moment. wait for it. it's just. you'll feel like facepalming yourself. HAHA

THEN IT ENDS! because no one told me 'The Hobbit" was a trilogy. so after 3 hours I thought all would be good and well, but noooo. they are only 1/3 through the journey. I can't wait for the next one, LOTR is always so awesome. =))

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hippopotamus Restaurant and Grill

6 Raffles Boulevard
#01-204/205 Marina Square

This place is really easy to get to, its walkable from Cityhall MRT! and it isin't that crowded, although you should make a reservation if you want a nice booth table. Alot of working adults come here fro dinner from around the area.

The starters were potato chips and bread! the bread is REALLY hard. don't throw it at anyone. lol.

But the steak is soft, juicy and succulent. Pretty tasty meat! this is the ribeye, with potato gratin, baked potato and fries! Theres a choice of three sides! the fries are nice to munch on! and the potato gratin is topped with cheese. 

I had the ratatouille which is a baked dish of tomato and other garden veggies. very flavorful =) 
and the T-bone, medium rare, very nice cut, although there were some veins i had to cut away!

Baked potato! my fav! yums!


For sauces, they had pepper sauce, which tastes a little like ham, a Roquefort blue cheese sauce that I think is too pungent. Bearnaise sauce that's just right for the steak. pick this one! and some other sauces like shallots. you get to pick one, and so far, the Bearnaise is the best, though they let you try two sauces if you ask nicely =)

The ambience is pretty nice, kind of quiet =) so it's good for dates! =D 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prive cafe

2 Keppel Bay Vista
GF Marina at Keppel Bay

Went to Prive at Keppel Bay for some dessert <3 
great ambiance and very spacious, nice to be there to wind down after a long week!

Oreo covered tiramisu and chocoloate icecream mudpie!
drizzled in chocolate and vanilla sauce
I didn't really like the coffee taste of the icecream, but it went well with the vanilla! =)

Sticky date pudding and macadamia icecream, with pecans.
The sticky date pudding is more cakey than puddingy, but it's nice too, very thick and sweet!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Single released!!

Hiyee everyone! i finally released my first single. apple of my eye. its about the surprises i encountered while finding a friend :) Checkitout at for free!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kate Bush

Sexy, quirky, strange yet amusing, Kate Bush definitely caught my attention with her vocals which sound like no other. Her voice is high, very high, an octave higher than the radio is, yet it’s an angelic trait that’s sweet and soothing. Kate Bush was born in 1958, yet her tunes are still attractive to me 50 + years later. This English singer-songwriter, musician and record producer had many UK top singles, but curiously only ever had one concert tour. She's inspired artists like Lady Gaga and Bjork.

Her songs are sometimes about taboo subjects, like incestuous pregnancy in “The kick inside”, homesexuals and she was inspired by comedy, although her songs were often gothic.
Her song “Babooshka” has her dressed in black like a vampire with gestures of a monster like Lady Gaga but her vocals have a touch of rock, yet still sticking to folk-pop melodies, bright, happy and chirpy. It's got her playing two roles, of a woman trying to fool her husband and find out if he is cheating on her!

In some ways, she is eclectic. Her unique voice is coaxing, tempting, and mesmerizing, and her songs have themes that were provocative, current in her time, and daring. 

Another song I like is Cloudbusting, about make clouds turn into rain with a machine, and Kate Bush captures the feelings of a boy seeing his father taken away by the government because of his invention, and the hope that the invention would work, alongside the helplessness he felt.

They've got a fairytale kinda vibe, yet strangely haunting. like a slow lullaby that leaves you will chills. really beautiful music =) old school, where it all began.